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Air Rifle shooting

Air Rifle

Indoor 15 meter shooting range for air rifle

Minimum 2 participants
NOK 50,00 per hour for one participant including 2 washers
NOK 250,00 for 1 box with 250 shots

Age limit:
18 years for independent participants. Yngere participants must be accompanied by a parent or a person older than 18 with authority to lead / be responsible for the participant under 18.

It conducted a safety briefing before a new group starts the game.
Instructions from the supervisor must be followed.

For security reasons you can only use the air gun and shot delivered from Varanger Peninsula Nature Adventures.

Alcohol or drugs are not allowed on the shooting range.
People who are intoxicated will not be allowed to participate.

Phone: +47 950 22 656 or +47 980 44 399
Adress: Austertana, 9845 Tana, Norway