Nature adventure

Tana river

Are you an angler – searching for fish adventure, exciting outdoor life and maybe the salmon of your dreams...? 

Then Tana is something for you. Here there is Europe’s largest, mostly unspoilt, place for fishing salmon, with a variety of nature extending along endless mountain plateau, deep river valleys, forests and boundless wilderness.

The Tana river basin is enormous and stretches from deep inside mountain plateau Finnmarksvidda till Tanafjord and the Barents sea. It has long been the most productive salmon river in Europe, with catches up to 250 tons a year. Tana has many tributaries both on Norwegian and Finnish sides of the border – this makes up about 1200 km with salmon rivers in the whole river basin. Here the possibilities for angling are countless. There are 15 different fish species, the most popular fish for food and angling are salmon, trout, sea trout, grayling, gwyniad and pike.

The whole Tana river basin offers a wide range of exciting fishing opportunities. The main river called Tana where Kàràsjohka and Anàrjohka rivers converge is the best place for salmon angling from land in the fast parts of the rivers near Ailestrykene, Storfossen and Tana bridge. You can also rent a boat and row along the river. In the quiet-running parts of the river, with fine-grained sandy bottom, it is fishing from the boat that gives the richest results. In the mouth of the river sea trout fishing takes place annually.

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